Precision mechanics constructions

PAGAN BROCHURE 2-73The company deals with constructions and mechanical assemblies for third parties. It is also experienced in processing steel and any other metal. It builds details and full mechanical parts. Turning and milling. Machining: numerical controlled machines.

Using portable equipments that our company owns, we can intervene directly on customers site and run:

Vibration analyses

The presence of any mechanical defect always generates a particular vibration. Simply measuring and taking notes about the characteristics of the vibration phenomena it is possible to confidently identify mechanical problems. If a consistent and effective vibration analysis is performed, than it is possible to:

  • detect in advance onset of problems
  • analyse the causes of those problems and take appropriate actions before the occurrence of the failure.

Predictive maintenance

The predictive maintenance allows to detect a problem in its early stage, when defects entity is minor and those defects do not compromise machine workability. This procedure enables a more precise control over various maintenance options, such as:

  • The full stop of machinery for repairs can be scheduled when it is more convenient.
  • It is possible to prepare the work bench, the staff, the tools, and the required spare parts before the scheduled shutdown.
  • It is possible to minimise severe failure due to sudden breakage.
  • It is possible to minimise the machinery downtime.

Balancing in service conditions

The balancing during service conditions reduces vibrations caused by the imbalance of rotating parts. This imbalance could be due to:

  • Mounting eccentricity
  • Corrosion or material deposits
  • Deformations
  • Sum of residual imbalances (fan + tree)

The balancing in service conditions reduces the synchronous component of the vibration but cannot act on other components related to other mechanical causes (misalignments, mechanical plays, electrical defects). If the synchronous part of the vibration is significantly lower than the overall vibration, than it is necessary to perform careful analyses to identify and remove the other causes, since the effects of balancing would be negligible.


  • Electronic portable balancer “CEMB” type N402
  • “PRUFTECHNICK” tool type Vibscanner, equipped with OMNITREND software
  • Electronic fixed balancer “CEMB” type Z2000