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Workshops Miotto is on the market for more than 50 years.

Miotto Ltd. Industrial and Marine Technologies is the most known Venetian company in Italy among both experts on shipbuilding industrial sector and enthusiasts about boating and propulsion technologies.

Via della Meccanica n.8
30176 Venezia Malcontenta (ITALY)
Tel: +39.041.5470764
Fax: +39.041.5470057
P. IVA e cod. FISCALE 02785830270

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We can provide static balancing and electronic dynamics certified to ISO 1940 rotors

  • Up to 3000 kg of weight.
  • Up to 2500 mm diameter.
  • Up to 7000 mm in length.



Fully equipped workshop able to intervene effectively on any electric motor, both in low and medium voltage, AC or DC current, without power limits are also able to EXD III protection (ATEX).